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Movement and Meditation Methods

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All levels practices.

Hatha, Vinyasa Power, Vinyasa Flow and Choreographed Yoga-Dance.

Restorative and Gentle Yoga.

Sport and performance specific yoga practices.

Workshops for specific elements of yoga: arm balances, fundamental postures, flexibility and strength, inversions and Vinyasa.

Group or Individual Sessions. 


All levels instruction.

Strength, Cardio and Flexibility training; utilizing the fundamental movements of ballet, contemporary dance and calisthenic conditioning.

Emphasis is placed on posture, core integration and breath; while practicing functional movements and positions/postures. 

Group or Individual Sessions. 


Accessible and simple practices; breath-work, mindfulness and visualization.

Simple practices ranging from one minute to one hour.  

Meditation practices for daily life or specified to activities such as sports and performance. 

Group or Individual sessions.

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Grace Court

Movement and Meditation

North Vancouver

British Columbia


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